photo of Anne Topham with her goats

Our Chevres

Fantôme Farm's fresh chevre is made by hand with fresh milk from the farm's goats. The milk is first pasteurized, and then transformed to curd and whey by the addition of select bacterial cultures. The curd is gently hand-ladled into draining cloths and allowed to drain unweighted. After draining, the cheese is weighed, salted and hand-mixed.

This clean, exquisitely delicate and fresh tasting cheese is wonderful as a fresh or herbed chevre. We use this cheese to build our marinated and herbed chevre balls and it is the base for Thyme logs.

Because the cheese is so good in its fresh form, it is exceptional when it is affinaged in our cave.

Thyme Logs

Thyme logs are hand made and dusted with herbs, then allowed to age briefly in the farm's cave. The cheese is then packaged and delivered to customers as quickly as possible to maintain optimal freshness. This chevre is best savored within one to two weeks after being made, although it freezes very well.

picture of aged fleuri round


is a new affinaged cheese based on cheeses we found in France. It is formed into a round, dusted with clean ash and allowed to age for several weeks in our cave. It is a beautiful cheese that is perfect for a cheese course. It has a denser texture and tastes richer and more complex than fresh chevre. This cheese placed second in its category at the 2006 American Cheese Society judging.

New Cheeses

We are always looking for new ways to make cheese, learning from other cheesemakers here in the U.S. or especially in France. We love learning new techniques and creating our own. Right now, we are experimenting with cider washed aged rounds, using organic apple cider from another farmer who sells at the Dane County Farmers' Market.